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About Ensemble

We have partnered with a range of high profile federal and commercial clients including NASA, HHS, CDC, and DoD to amplify their crowdsourcing capabilities. Our crowdsourcing partners include: Ideascale, Topcoder, Sourceability, Maven, Freelancer, and Ezassi. 

Founded in 2017, our mission is to build resilient, on-demand digital workforces who can quickly and reliably co-create custom solutions. We do this by managing and offering an unmatched crowdsourcing ecosystem, composed of millions of technical innovators, creators, and technologists. Our delivery model generates, cultivates, and delivers high-quality, cutting-edge ideas, design concepts, UX/UI assets, web applications, technical solutions, and hardware manufacturing prototypes. This enables Ensemble to crowdsource custom solutions spanning the full product development continuum.

If you are interested in creating and launching your own open innovation program, please reach out to us at

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