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A major US cabinet manufacturer turned to crowdsourcing in search of new mechanical concepts to allow easier access to hard-to-reach areas of the kitchen. During past crowdsourcing pilots, the US cabinet manufacturer’s product design group had been inundated with a large quantity of mostly unusable concepts resulting in a burdensome and time-consuming review process. 


Together with the design thinking ideation community Betterific, Ensemble designed a challenge that raised the quality threshold for product concepts while expanding the range of skillsets of solvers through targeted recruitment. This approach ensured both high quantity and quality of submissions. Before Ensemble circulated any media in its recruitment efforts, hyper-targeted ‘solver personas’ were developed to shape which media channels and types of content best align with the background, skills, and interests of most ideal solvers for this challenge. As a result, three primary target audiences were formed to guide the recruiting strategy.

Organic and paid social media campaigns were used to augment the Betterific community of solvers with architecture and engineering students and industrial designers. Ensemble was responsible for crafting and publishing paid Facebook newsfeed ads and a variety organic content that included pitching top DIY bloggers.

After the submission deadline for the challenge, all eligible entries with text description and/or a sketch were gathered and reviewed as part of the evaluation and selection process to determine the most viable solutions to these hard to reach kitchen areas. Ensemble advised the cabinet manufacturer’s product development team during the evaluation and selection of the winning concepts.

  • 61 quality submissions

  • 14 viable ideas (21%)

  • 6 awarded submissions

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