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Transform your Organization's Digital Assets with Industry Experts 

We deliver digital solutions designed to enhance the performance of your organization by leveraging industry best practices to develop user-friendly and intuitively designed software products that exceed our clients expectations.

Guided Prize Design

By deconstructing your problem area, we identify the technical needs and prize capital strategies to motivate innovators to provide fresh perspectives and technical solutions. 

Thoughtful and comprehensive prize design 

Targeted Solver Communication

We reach, motivate, and mobilize talented innovators such as data scientists, engineers, and UX designers to build custom solutions

for your needs. 

Intuitive Contest Platform

We design, deploy and manage commercial-off-the-shelf platforms to facilitate end-to-end innovation programs.

Program Ops

We execute on all the program details. We deliver prize challenge operations including judge management, eligibility screening, prize distribution, and  competitor support services.

We help the most impactful organizations in the world, innovate faster. 


Working with NASA, we crowdsource custom digital tools, applications, and hardware solutions


Our HHS programs deliver innovative pediatric vaccinations programs, tailored interventions, and mobile health apps.


Our NGA programs deliver artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science solutions. 

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