Global Electronic Component Distributor


Global Electronic Component Distributor


Innovation Strategy Consulting


A global technology company specializing in the distribution of electronic components sought to enter the crowdsourcing market with a new platform and service offering focused on electronics product innovation and R&D. The company faced a crowdsourcing market with many platform players and the challenge of building a team with the requisite open innovation skills and processes.


To craft an innovation strategy that best met the needs of the client's crowdsourcing offering and team, Ensemble conducted a comprehensive review of its existing go-to-market and product strategy. This assessment included an evaluation of its sales prospecting, marketing, target industries, crowd incentive structures, solver community, personnel roles and responsibilities, and training materials. As part of this review, Ensemble conducted a site visit and informal interviews to gauge the client's level of familiarity and expertise with crowdsourcing innovation. Product feedback was provided to identify potential user experience issues with the platform.

Upon completion of the reviews and interviews, Ensemble created and delivered a collection of resources for the client. These materials included a sales qualification plan for vetting potential customers’ viability to use the the company's platform, templates to guide challenge architects through the stages of building successful crowdsourcing campaigns, and a communications strategy to assist its marketing team with promoting its brand and amplifying its crowdsourcing campaigns.

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