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Open Innovation, Marketing & Commercialization 

Seeking Non-Traditional Innovation in Tick-Borne Diseases



Lyme Innovation Roundtable



US Department of Health and Human Services Office of the Chief Technology Officer (HHS-CTO)




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Tick-borne diseases are severely overlooked and underfunded, and the current resources available fail to adequately communicate the appropriate prevention, diagnostic, and treatment for identifying and alleviating these illnesses. As a result, the tick-borne disease community is seeking nontraditional forms of innovation to combat these shortcomings. 



We organized a roundtable event featuring diverse series of speakers including clinicians, academic researchers, policymakers, patients and patient advocates, biotechnology companies, and philanthropic organizations united to eliminate tick-borne diseases. Additionally, to foster greater public-private collaboration amongst the attendees, the day included three ‘breakout’ sessions to facilitate structured and inclusive discussions for all participants surrounding specific areas: prevention, diagnosis, and treatment.


Key Services
  • Event Planning and Execution 

  • Social Media Management

  • Communications Planning  

  • Web Development



The Lyme Innovation Roundtable produced numerous invaluable conversations and insights centered around how the community can better leverage data, new technologies, and public-private collaboration to defeat vile tick-borne diseases. Some of the takeaways from the event include enhancing public education; adopting cross-disciplinary practices for better preventing, diagnosing, and treating these diseases; and prioritizing public-private partnerships to fuel innovation.

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