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Digital Transformation

Platform Integration & Data Migration



Platform Integration and Related Services for the NASA Internal Innovation & Collaboration Environment (NIICE) IDIQ



Internal Innovation & Collaboration Environment (NIICE) at NASA Johnson Space Center 



Aerospace & Aeronautics




The NASA Center of Excellence for Collaborative Innovation (CoECI) sought a new platform and expanded services for NASA@WORK,  a NASA-wide platform for employees to find technical solutions, new ideas, or expertise using prize-based challenges



As a service partner and integrator of various crowdsourcing platforms, we selected IdeaScale as a partner in providing a platform solution to fit the exact demands of NIICE. We managed a phase-in plan and data migration from the legacy platform to IdeaScale while meeting all of NASA’s technical and security requirements.

Notable features of this new platform include:

  • Customizable site structure

  • Enhanced administrative tools to effectively manage open innovation programs 

  • Maximum scalability to accommodate additional programs and a rapidly growing community,

  • Improved communications offerings to better connect NASA with its solver community.

All of these features are hosted on the FedRAMP instance of the platform and include several built-in security features to ensure maximum IT protection.


Key Services
  • Platform Transition

  • Platform and Site Build Out


  • In less than two months, we successfully migrated over 90,000 records from more than 23,000 users with 99.9% accuracy.

  • The IDIQ service offering has allowed us the versatility to provide the NIICE program with its full suite of personnel training, marketing, and technology services to address its various platform problems.

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