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Digital Transformation

Digital Logistics Technology Scouting



United States Navy Office of Naval Research (ONR)






Digital Logistics Innovation Services




The Office of Naval Research sought to bolster its innovation pathways to better connect the Office to the most cutting-edge digital logistics vendors. To build a robust digital logistics innovation network for the ONR, we devised a multi-staged approach for connecting the Office with the most suitable startups and nontraditional contractors in the emerging digital logistics space.



First, in order to grasp the rapidly shifting landscape of digital logistics, Ensemble gathered industry trends and cast a wide net on the innovators in this space by compiling baseline information of over 200 logistics startups. In-depth interviews (IDIs) were then conducted on key stakeholders and decision makers from both within and outside the ONR to paint a broad yet detailed picture of digital logistics innovation.

Next, these preliminary findings were synthesized into four key areas that best align with the priorities and needs of the ONR. Once these priority areas were clearly defined, Ensemble filtered through the list of digital logistics providers discovered in the preliminary research stage to organize a list of early-stage startups fit to address any of these four areas

Lastly, the project culminated in a series of recommended pathways Ensemble believes are the most effective vehicles for augmenting the Office’s digital logistics. This methodology resulted in three specific pathway recommendations: a consortium model, accelerators, and an incubator model, and included callouts to the various advantages and drawbacks to each. In total, this research identified four priority areas prime for innovation and 31 total startups ready to deliver solutions within these specific areas.


Key Services
  • Industry Research and Analysis

  • Industry Outreach

  • Data Driven Recommendations


  • 4 Primary Areas of Innovation Identified

  • 31 Total Startups Discovered Ready to Offer Solutions

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