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Open Innovation


Our custom open innovation practice delivers end-to-end inducement contests, prize challenges, and machine learning competitions.


We help your team develop impactful solutions, collaborate with talented innovators, and invent new technology. We specialize in crowdsourcing ideas, white papers, technical concepts, AI / ML algorithms, digital products, validated hardware, and MVP prototypes. 

Key Services

  • Prize Design & Strategic Planning

  • Market Research & Problem Definition 

  • Rules & Requirements Refinement

  • Contest Naming & Branding

  • Communications Planning 

  • Precision Marketing & Participant Activation

  • Webinar Facilitation

  • Community Management

  • PR & Stakeholder Outreach

  • Digital Platform Design, Development, and Deployment

  • Submission Management

  • Solution Screening & Eligibility Review

  • Scorecard Criteria Design

  • Judge Recruitment & Onboarding

  • Prize Fulfillment

  • Market Impact Attribution


Delivering the geospatial intelligence
community with data science solutions.


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