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  • Aleigh Meredith

All About Sprites!

Updated: Feb 1, 2022

Have you heard about sprites?

Sprites captured in Sulu Providence, Philippines. July, 2009

And no, we aren’t talking about soda.

Here at Ensemble, we are excited about a different type of sprite; lightning sprites!

This fantastic phenomena, that looks like glowing root systems ascending up the sky, are the result of electrical discharges high in the Earth’s atmosphere. Despite being a relatively common and mesmerizing occurrence, they remain under the radar in comparison to other atmospheric phenomena due to their fleeting nature. In fact, the first sprites weren’t confirmed until the 80’s!. Today there are people from all over the world looking to dark skies and distant thunderstorms to capture the elusive atmospheric phenomena.

Tweet from veteran Sprite capturer, Paul M Smith.

Stay tuned for more news from Ensemble on sprites, and other atmospheric phenomena! To learn more about sprites, we suggest you check out the following resources:

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